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Do You Suffer From Menstrual Cycle Problems and You Long to Feel Good in Your Feminine Body?

Learn how to naturally balance your period and hormones with a
combination of whole foods, menstrual literacy, and ancient womb wisdom!

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Your Body Is Sending You a Message!

Do you ever feel trapped in your own body because each month is a struggle with period pain, fatigue, and menstrual cycle problems?

Are you tired of going to the doctor and getting handed a band-aid pill that doesn’t get to WHY you feel so bad when you have your period every month?

Have you gotten the usual round of tests only to be told everything looks “fine,” but you KNOW something’s not right?

You may be struggling with hormone imbalances!

Your hormones play a big role in your menstrual and hormone health! In fact, when your hormones get out of alignment, they can be responsible for a long list of chronic symptoms and period health problems.

Does any of this sound like you:

Reclaiming Your Menstrual Health IS Possible

Right now, your hormones are out of balance as a response to the onslaught of toxins your body constantly faces, stressful lifestyle, along with a lack of nutrition and nourishment it needs to function at its best. You have to address the root cause of the problem and fix it.

The good news is that the key to hormone health is within you! Your body has the amazing power to restore itself once you remove the harmful factors and give your body what it needs! I’m talking about using food to cleanse and nourish your body, and using the feminine wisdom of the phases of your menstrual cycle to bring balance back to your feminine, body, mind and spirit.

With holistic health coaching from Oshun, you’ll get the knowledge you need, and more importantly the support and accountability you need to make sustainable, lifelong shifts that will allow you to exchange chronic symptoms for thriving health body, mind and spirit!

Just imagine what it would be like to:

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Ready to THRIVE and repair your period for GOOD?

Meet Your Coach

Hi Gorgeous!

I’m so happy you found me. I’m Oshun and I am a Board Holistic Health Practitioner and Menstrual Cycle Coach who specializes in helping women take control of their hormones and menstrual health. Some people call me the “Womb Priestess”. I believe that every woman has within her the power to naturally reclaim her health, authentic beauty and wellness. My goal isn’t just about teaching you how your feminine body works; it’s also offering insight on the immense power that the phases of your menstrual cycle mean for your emotional, physical and mental well being!

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