Feminine Flow Belly Dance Workshop

Get your body in shape plus a host of health benefits, including dealing with premenstrual syndrome blues, from this amazingly unique belly dance workshop!

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Join our monthly bellydance workshop beginning fall 2022 (On-line or In-Person).

October 16th | 10AM Eastern


By Joining This Workshop You Can Experience

  • A toned muscle groups, especially abdominals, arms, upper back, hips, and thighs.
  • Get your abs in shape in no minute through undulating, vibrating, and circular movements from belly dance
  • Manage your premenstrual symptoms (PMS)
  • Strengthened and toned uterus & pelvic muscles, which translates to easy ability to deal with painful menses, irregular menses, heavy menses, PCOS, fibroids, and endometriosis
  • Increased oxytocin- the ‘feel-good’ hormone
  • Experience a great fitness workout, which translates into increased energy and life force
  •  Ability to lose weight
  • Reduced stress and increased sense of joy in your life
  • Ability to build your self-confidence and help you become more graceful
  • Get to interact with women of like-mind, hence develop a sisterhood community for you to share and connect
  •  Increased uterine circulation, which promotes a healthy menstrual cycle and eased menstrual cramps.

Spots are limited— reserve your spot now!

Workshop Format

  • Belly Breathing Womb Meditation:  to create a deeper connection with your womb and feminine nature
  • Slow Warm Up: Gently warms the muscles and reinforces body isolations
  • Fast Warm-Up: A faster tempo warm-up that reinforces body movements
  • Body Awareness, Alignment & Muscle Engagement: Brings awareness to the different body parts preparing you for proper body posture.
  • Stationary exercises: Review and Practice of Movements: Reviews upper and lower body isolations that prepare you for the movements in concepts that will be taught in class
  • Introduce & Practice New Movements, Steps, and Combinations: Introduces new body movements and combines them into simple fun combinations
  •  Culminating Activity-Combinations Choreography or Drills: Gets your blood moving and burns those calories!  Uses the movements taught in class in a simple choreography routine or drill practice
  • Final Activity (shimmy drill or follow the teacher): A fun improvised sequence to help build your foundation for future dance concepts.
  • Cool Down: Stretch your muscles and slowly return your body to its comfortable resting state.
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