It's Time to End The Struggle, and Fall In Love With Your Body and Life Again!

Is this you?

  • Are you struggling with menstrual problems, hormonal imbalances, or a diagnosis of fibroids, PCOS or endometriosis?
  • Are you suffering from exhaustion, fatigue, and burnout?
  • Is every month a rollercoaster of chaotic emotions such anger, depression, guilt, shame or sadness?
  • Are you stuck in a pattern of over-giving, and over-doing and you're just realizing how much it's draining your energy?
  • Are you tired of feeling stuck, like life is full of endless to do lists and routines?
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Are You Ready To...

  • Move from surviving to thriving?
  •  Gently RESET your feminine hormone system to create limitless energy, balanced hormones and enjoy your day without feeling depleted.
  • Be the better version of yourself that you know exits?
  • Connect to your vitality, truth and feminine power?

There's A Better Way !

Let Me Share My Story With You...

I know the pain you’re experiencing all too well. For years I suffered with hormonal imbalances that led to severe mood swings, irregular periods and ovarian cysts. I had a pattern of not loving myself, over giving, over-nurturing and over taxing my body to the point of shear burnout. I felt so out of tune with myself, I felt disconnected, I felt unloved. I had unhealthy relationships with men, because my self-worth was missing and I hadn't learned what self-love truly meant. Deep inside of myself I knew that I was meant to be happy, healthy and live a joyful life.

I was never taught that the issues we women have with our wombs, physical health and emotional health are linked to a loss of our feminine power. This notion took me many years to uncover. Despite all of the doctors visits, being told that everything looked "fine" and hormone tests that showed nothing was physically wrong with me, I knew something was off. I felt imbalanced, I felt exhausted, I felt tired all of the time, I didn’t feel good in my body, and my menstrual cycle was off. I had to go on a deep healing journey for many years to uncover the many years of wounding I had trapped inside of my body and my mind. I had to rediscover myself, I had to rediscover my voice and I had to reclaim my divine feminine power.

When I finally decided that enough was enough, I knew I had to change! That’s when my life began to shift. That’s when I began to truly heal myself! Through my journey back to self I discovered the power of food, the healing power of plant medicine, the power of living in alignment with mother nature, the power honoring my deepest needs , the power of releasing my past traumas, the power of honoring the voice of my womb and the power of living a life that was in tune with my own feminine cyclical nature. These self discoveries are the core of my process for helping women restore their health and well-being.

It took me time to adjust to this new way of being. I was not an overnight success story. My transformation took me through many lessons to get to a point where I felt healthy, loved and worthy of the best that life has to offer. Now through my years of professional training and personal experience I want to show you how to heal yourself and unapologetically reclaim your health, joy, abundance and radiant femme power!

During Our 6 Month Sacred Journey You Will....

  • Use the power of healing herbs, whole foods, sacred belly dance movement and meditation to restore hormonal balance and limitless energy! You’ll drop the baggage so you can begin to reclaim your body and energy and sparkle with your inner light!
  • Release exhaustion as you clear your body and womb of toxic eating patterns to create eating habits that support your adrenals and have you looking clear eyed, fresh, healthy, and abundant with life force.
  • Transform moodiness, irritability, anxiety, anger and low libido into harmony, calm, genuine joy and mojo in the sack.
  • Electrify your frequency and become magnetic to all that you desire!
  • Set healthy loving boundaries with confidence and composure by learning how too deeply take care of yourself through using divine communication techniques that are loving, firm and clear.
  • Release any wounding that stops you from living a full, abundant and rich life. It’s time for you to become the main character of your story and create a new loved-up reality!
  • Release the toxic energies, sabotaging patterns and karmic patterns that are blocking your energy once and for all.
  • Release playing the rejected Cinderella archetype in your relationships, and put on your glass slippers and tiara to become a divine goddess who commands love and respect in all her relationships.
  • Cultivate deep self-trust forged from a new appreciation of, and relationship with, yourself.
  • Honor the natural and sacred rhythms of your feminine body.

If You're Ready to Make This Happen and I know That You Are, Then Here Is What I Have For You Gorgeous!

The Radiant Woman Initiation Curriculum

Weekly Live Masterclasses and Group Mentoring


  • Module 1: Uncover the Sacred Dance of Your Feminine Hormones: Optimize your hormones, release womb disease, and discover how the body of the sacred feminine work.

  • Module 2: Say Goodbye to Harmful Toxic Foods and Release Hormonal Chaos: Breakdown common food barriers that may be impacting your liver health, hormone balance and use one of my custom hormone health protocols to get your symptoms under control.

  • MODULE 3: Activate the Power of Plant Medicine and Sacred Womb Rituals: Use the power of plants and my proven sacred rituals to start radiating perfect health and invigorate your body and cells with juicy nourishment.
  • Module 4: Feel Your Body Glow With Sacred Movement: Learn the hypnotic movements of belly dance and shift into a Goddess who feels sexy, sensual and sacred in her own skin.

  • MODULE 5: Clear the Energy Field of Your Home: Lovingly release years — even lifetimes — of emotional and mental blocks as you clear out the spaces of your home.


  • MODULE 6: Ignite Your Authentic Voice and Feminine Energy Centers: Unlock the keys to access your intuitive powers, awaken your heart space and activate the voice of your womb.

  • MODULE 7: Free Yourself From Old Stories and Karmic Pattern: Permanently eliminate obstacles and patterns that have kept you repeating circumstances, relationship dynamics, and self sabotage for years — and probably lifetimes.
  • MODULE 7: Free Yourself From Old Stories and Karmic Pattern: Permanently eliminate obstacles and patterns that have kept you repeating circumstances, relationship dynamics, and self sabotage for years — and probably lifetimes.

  • MODULE 8: Cultivate Body based Intuition: Make clear and confident decisions that align with your authentic truth deeply rooted in your body's wisdom.

  • MODULE 9: Engage Your Boundaries: Lovingly protect your mental and emotional space by creating clear energetic boundaries that honor your needs, and forge a foundation of self-care.


  • MODULE 10: Activate Your Innate Feminine Power: Through the process of rewiring your energetic field, you’ll be invited to step into your power as a QUEEN and embrace your divine gifts and soul superpowers.

  • MODULE 11: Align With the Active Phase of Feminine Creation: Discover how to work with the active feminine archetypes and moon phases to activate the desires for your life, get unstuck and move forward with passion.

  • MODULE 12: Align With the Receptive Phase of Feminine Creation: Discover how to work with the receptive feminine archetypes and moon phases to connect to your authentic truth, discernment and release circumstances that no longer serve you .

Sacred Group Mentoring and Support

  • 1 x 90 minute Live welcome call and opening ceremony: A sacred welcoming ceremony to welcome you into this sacred healing container and introduce you to your "sisters" for the journey.
  • 18 x 90 Minutes weekly live group online masterclass trainings and integration sessions with me: Live masterclass trainings for each module to help you fully integrate new ways of being in your life. Plus receive support and feedback to your questions along the journey.
  • Lifetime access to the Radiant Woman Initiation live recorded masterclasses: Have these potent healing transmissions at your fingertips anytime you need to remind yourself of the way back home to yourself.

Juicy Bonuses

Extra Goodies to Support You On Your Journey

The Divine Feminine Self Love Meditation Series (3 Sacred Meditations)

Become self-worth savvy as you connect with your underlying truths and recreate the way you live your life.

6 Month Hormone Supportive Recipes and Meal Plans

Nourish your body and hormones on a continuous basis even when the program ends.

Cycle Reset Guide to Journaling and Self Love

Develop a loving relationship with yourself and your body.

Pay In Full Bonuses

Extra Goodies to Support You On Your Journey For Those Who Pay in Full

2 X 60 minute private womb activation and clearing sessions

Clear old emotional wounds and energies that are stored in your womb that are holding you back from the juicy life you desire.

Custom tailored divine feminine herbal self care package

Enjoy the healing radiance of plants to help get your body back on track.

Cycle Reset Guide to Journaling and Self Love

Develop a loving relationship with yourself and your body.

Client Love

Before having sessions with Oshun, my cycle made a big shift from 3 days to 7 days. I was having painful cramps, heavy bleeding and big clots.

While working with Oshun, my cycle went back down to 3 days and the heavy bleeding subsided significantly. My cramps diminished to the point where I didn’t even notice I was on my period some days. Additionally, I never had a connection with my womb or menstrual cycle. I never learned about it other than the basics. During my sessions with Oshun, I started learning about the importance of womb health and I have been on this journey ever since. When I fell off of my routine, Oshun reassessed my period and womb health, recommended herbs, customized my formulas and gave me lifestyle guidance that would shift me right back into balance.

My experience with Oshun’s programs, her customized herbal products, and lifestyle guidance was absolutely divine. Due to my experience, my menstrual and womb health continues to remain a focus and I have maintained doing the inner and outer work necessary for creating healthy periods, a healthy womb and standing in my feminine power. I am grateful and blessed to have worked with Oshun. Her expertise really shows!

- Tchnavia Merrick

When I came to Oshun I felt like I didn’t have enough energy. I was sluggish and very depressed especially before my time of the month. I had no idea healing starts with your womb.

In Oshun’s program, I gained a lot of knowledge about the proper tools needed to heal myself such as the importance of the foods I eat, menstrual literacy and creating a healthy mindset while developing a better relationship with myself. I started to eat healthy foods and I incorporated workouts into my daily routine. I started to feel more energetic and motivated with my life and my depression started to heal naturally.

Oshun’s program will be beneficial for any woman struggling to love herself and her body. She will show you how to live a healthy lifestyle and be kind to yourself. I highly recommend her program.

 - Andrea Lopez

Before working with Oshun my period was very heavy, lasting longer than a week. I had extremely low energy and the pain was so bad to the point where I often had to miss work. I was eating foods that weren't good for my body. Don't get me wrong I was a vegan, but I still wasn't eating foods in the proper combination to give me enough nutrients for a healthy cycle. To top it all off I had unhealthy people in my life.

While learning from Oshun’s program, I started to make deep inner changes under Oshun’s guidance. I started to eat more warm nourishing foods, I incorporated Oshun’s herbal recommendations, I started journaling and reflecting on my life. My intuition started to wake up again and I felt a much stronger connection to my womb and inner wisdom. Most importantly, all of my menstrual pain and heavy periods went away completely. I was able to cut my period days in half to about 3-4 days with normal flow. I had increased energy and I had enough courage to end relationships that were not honoring my needs as a woman.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Oshun, to gain back the wisdom of my body and restore a healthy period. Oshun is a really caring mentor who will honestly teach you all she knows about women’s bodies and our innate wisdom.

 - Emie Figueroa

Reclaim Your Feminine Health, Reclaim Your Feminine Power!

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