It's Time to End The Struggle, and Fall In Love With Being A Woman Again.

Does and of this sound like you?

  • You dread "that time of the month", because of the pain and suffering it brings
  • You have heavy, painful, missing or irregular menses
  • You have a diagnosis of PCOS, fibroids or endometriosis
  • You experience chaotic emotions such anger, depression or sadness right before your period begins
  • You experience post-birth control symptoms
  • You've tried to get pregnant but you have been unsuccessful
  • You always feel tired, exhausted, overwhelmed and depleted
  • You're stuck in a pattern of over-giving, and over-doing and you're just realizing how much it's draining your energy
  • You long to feel more deeply connected to your body, and get off the hamster wheel of burnout, fatigue and stress
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How Would It Feel To...

  • Detox your body using the SECRETS of WOMB WISDOM so that you stop struggling with painful periods, embarrassing heavy bleeding, MIA periods, PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis, fertility and more.  
  •  Gently RESET your feminine hormone system to create limitless energy to enjoy your day without feeling depleted.
  • Release stress from your cells, get off the mad hamster wheel of stress, burnout and anxiety in your work, relationships, and your life. Shift into deep INNER PEACE, CALMNESS and INNER HARMONY.
  • See yourself radiating perfect DIVINE FEMININE  health, ACTIVATE healing into your womb and cells.
  • End putting others wants and needs first at the expense of your well being and shift into a powerful woman who upholds her sacred boundaries with CONFIDENCE and become your own best friend.
  • Heal shame and embarrassment around your feminine body and shift into a RADIANT DIVINE WOMAN who loves and respects her body with SEXY CONFIDENCE and FEMMME PLEASURE.

It's your time now, your life doesn't need to be this way, Imagine this.....

  • Thriving health - By nourishing your body with exactly what it needs, you’ll also be cleansing your body of toxins and chemicals so you can gently and naturally restore your hormones.
  • Freedom from menstrual pain and heavy bleeding - You can finally get your life and body back from pain and struggle!
  • Boundless energyResetting your hormones and fueling your body will provide you with the energy you need to get through the day with ease. Stop relying on caffiene and sugar.
  • Calm, harmony and peace - Instead of irritability, nervousness, and mood swings, you can experience a calm, focused mind and a peaceful, joyful heart!
  • Loving Connection to your body and feminine wisdom – Instead of seeing your menstrual cycle as an enemy, you will experience it as your inner wisdom guiding you on a daily basis.

If You're Ready to Make This Happen and I know That You Are, Then Here Is What I Have For You Gorgeous!

The Cycle Reset Curriculum

Weekly Pre-Recorded Classes and Group Coaching Support

  • Module 1: Discover the Language of Your Sacred Feminine Body
  • Module 2: Cleanse and Nourish Your Feminine Ecosystem
  • Module 3: Harmonize Your Stress and Energy Levels
  • Module 4: Discover the Power of Hormone Testing, and Create a Lush Hormone Friendly Home
  • Module 5: Learn the Sweetness of Working With Yoni Steaming and Herbs

  • Module 6: Connect to the Voice of Your Womb and Feminine Intuition
  • Module 7: Release Old Patterns and Set Healthy Boundaries to Protect Your Feminine Energy
  • Module 8: Discover the Power of Cycle Harmony: Optimize Your Energy, Emotions and Productivity Part 1
  • Module 9: Discover the Power of Cycle Harmony: Optimize Your Energy, Emotions and Productivity Part 2

Sacred Group Coaching and Support

3 Month Access to Bi-Weekly Live On-line Group Coaching and Integration Sessions

Juicy Bonuses

Extra Goodies to Support You On Your Journey

Free Pass to A Feminine Flow Belly Dance Workshop (on-line or in person)

Enjoy some sensual, feminine movement.

6 Month Hormone Supportive Recipes and Meal Plans

Nourish your body and hormones on a continous basis.

Cycle Reset Guide to Journaling and Self Love

Develop a loving relationship with yourself and your body.

Client Love

Before having sessions with Oshun, my cycle made a big shift from 3 days to 7 days. I was having painful cramps, heavy bleeding and big clots.

While working with Oshun, my cycle went back down to 3 days and the heavy bleeding subsided significantly. My cramps diminished to the point where I didn’t even notice I was on my period some days. Additionally, I never had a connection with my womb or menstrual cycle. I never learned about it other than the basics. During my sessions with Oshun, I started learning about the importance of womb health and I have been on this journey ever since. When I fell off of my routine, Oshun reassessed my period and womb health, recommended herbs, customized my formulas and gave me lifestyle guidance that would shift me right back into balance.

My experience with Oshun’s programs, her customized herbal products, and lifestyle guidance was absolutely divine. Due to my experience, my menstrual and womb health continues to remain a focus and I have maintained doing the inner and outer work necessary for creating healthy periods, a healthy womb and standing in my feminine power. I am grateful and blessed to have worked with Oshun. Her expertise really shows!

- Tchnavia Merrick

When I came to Oshun I felt like I didn’t have enough energy. I was sluggish and very depressed especially before my time of the month. I had no idea healing starts with your womb.

In Oshun’s program, I gained a lot of knowledge about the proper tools needed to heal myself such as the importance of the foods I eat, menstrual literacy and creating a healthy mindset while developing a better relationship with myself. I started to eat healthy foods and I incorporated workouts into my daily routine. I started to feel more energetic and motivated with my life and my depression started to heal naturally.

Oshun’s program will be beneficial for any woman struggling to love herself and her body. She will show you how to live a healthy lifestyle and be kind to yourself. I highly recommend her program.

 - Andrea Lopez

Before working with Oshun my period was very heavy, lasting longer than a week. I had extremely low energy and the pain was so bad to the point where I often had to miss work. I was eating foods that weren't good for my body. Don't get me wrong I was a vegan, but I still wasn't eating foods in the proper combination to give me enough nutrients for a healthy cycle. To top it all off I had unhealthy people in my life.

While learning from Oshun’s program, I started to make deep inner changes under Oshun’s guidance. I started to eat more warm nourishing foods, I incorporated Oshun’s herbal recommendations, I started journaling and reflecting on my life. My intuition started to wake up again and I felt a much stronger connection to my womb and inner wisdom. Most importantly, all of my menstrual pain and heavy periods went away completely. I was able to cut my period days in half to about 3-4 days with normal flow. I had increased energy and I had enough courage to end relationships that were not honoring my needs as a woman.

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Oshun, to gain back the wisdom of my body and restore a healthy period. Oshun is a really caring mentor who will honestly teach you all she knows about women’s bodies and our innate wisdom.

 - Emie Figueroa

Reclaim Your Feminine Health, Relclaim Your Feminine Power!

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